We Have Your Application. Here's What To Expect Next...

Step #1 Watch This Now - This Is How To Import The 24-Hour Lead Gen'er™ Lead Generation Funnel & The WHY Behind The HOW This Strategy Works...

Step #2 - Jump To The Front Of The Line - Call Me NOW!

Step #1 Watch This Now - This Is How To Import The 24-Hour Lead Gen'er™ Lead Generation Funnel & The WHY Behind The HOW This Strategy Works...

First - Your application has been received and in the next 24-48 hours, I will be reviewing and pre-approving applications.

Second - If your application gets approved, then you will get an email from me. I will be evaluating your goals, how I can get you there, and see if my high-value lead generation service is for you.

Third - The button below will allow you to import the 24-Hour Lead Gen'er™. In case the button doesn't work for some reason (technology, amiright?), an email has been sent to you with the link.
The video will explain not only the strategy but also how to claim the 24-Hour Lead Gen'er™ lead generation funnel for yourself.

Step #2 - Jump To The Front Of The Line - Call Me NOW!

I will review your application and if I think we can benefit each other, I'll send you an email to setup a Zoom call.

But... If you're at all like me, and you're impatient and know that this is something that MUST happen now, then you can be proactive and call to setup your Zoom call NOW. This is my direct business number:

+1 (647) 474-2580

This doesn't guarantee that your application will be accepted, but it'll give you a chance to start the process immediately, so give me a call now!

JC | Owner of CR

“I'm getting almost as much activity that I can handle right now. Everything is working smoothly and performing. I get good responses from you guys when I request it. Good customer service”

Dave S.

"[This team] provides fantastic postings to my social media to keep followers engaged, which is exactly what I don't have time to do myself. Well worth the price."


“All the different products and assets that are provided were something that we found extremely valuable. The team was probably the thing that sold us to it the most. Those are the things that made us see that we made a great decision.”

Patrick K.

"We operate a smaller-sized firm and do not yet have any in-house assistance for our digital marketing needs. [This team] has been such a professional and helpful company for anything digital marketing/content creation related. [Our marketing manager] has been exceptional when it comes to customer service and content design. Definitely a company worth exploring if you are looking to outsource your digital marketing and advertising."


"[This team] is the real deal. Completely took a load off my business and became our social media everything. Was not expecting our followers to grow as well as it did. But was also not expecting them to just understand my brand's very bold voice. But they nailed it. And we love it. Should have done this a long time ago. They're officially part of the team now! Atlanta Phoenix Football"

Eleni P.

"As a business owner with limited time on my hands for social media posts, [this team], came through full force. Their professionalism and attentiveness, allows me to focus more on my clients!

Anything I need I reach out gets the job handled asap. Happy customer and highly recommend.

Thank you for always delivering. Keep up the great work!


Sean K.

"I've been with [this team] now for 6 months on their posting, seo and FB ads programs. My business has steadily been growing and they definitely deliver on the leads. It's also nice to not have to think about something to post each day! Thanks!"

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